Bla Bla! Power Vampire available now!

Available Sold Out now in the Dead Zebra Shop!

  • That’s cool. I like this one. Blood sucker edition.

  • Owly

    When is series 2 coming?

    I am dying to get my hands on one of these little fellows! 🙂

  • less than 30 secs to place order and it was sold out again

  • Hi,
    As I could’t get any,
    I was forced 🙂 to make PumpkinHead by myself.

  • I do not have a twitter but did want to comment on your suggestion of using a lotto system next time. I think being able to get through while the serving crashes is enough of a lotto system in and of itself.

  • 🙂 awesomeness!!!! i only got 1 tho but 1 is good!!

  • Finally got through after 18 minutes hopefully all it all goes through properly

  • Anonymous

    Yes!!! I got one didnt think i would when i saw a server error

  • Anonymous

    Shop will not load, your server is crushed. Once a page loads, can’t add to cart. Numerous errors and timeouts.