Chinese New Year Android mini collectible!

On February 3rd, over a Billion people will be celebrating the Chinese New Year! To commemorate the event and to help usher in a year of prosperity, we got together with our Asia distributor to create a new special edition Asia exclusive Android mini figure. Meet Cai Shen, the god of wealth!

Unless you are lucky enough to work for Google, Inc in Beijing, or live in China or Taiwan, these little guys will be a bit tough to get. However, I managed to snag 200 for sale over on this side of the pond.

Because there are so few, we’re going to a lottery system. If you live in Americas (North and South) or Europe, you can enter for the chance to purchase one. Despite the extra accessories, they’ll still be $10 like the other special editions (plus shipping).

One entry per person, entries close January 4th.

If you do live in China or Taiwan, the figure will be available for sale at these and possibly other places starting January 5th!



Singapore: (coming soon)
Ozzo Collection


  • I really like this one..

  • Hey anonymous. I don’t think anyone has knocked these off (at least not yet!) as they are too detailed and the accessories make it too expensive to bother. They are all technically “hand painted”, but it is a combination of printing, spray painting and brush finishing!

  • Anonymous

    Andrew I purchased one from Ebay, looks good. Just wanted to know are these hand painted? Barcode and packaging look great. There is a minuscule bit of excess glue on the hat I would think from factory. Just wanted to check with you it’s not a fake!

  • so is there no way to get these anymore in the U.S.?

  • Anonymous

    Could you please show the series 2 Androids you had with you at the Kidrobot drawing event in NY? :<

  • Thank you DyzPlastic and Dead Zebra :3 Got mine ordered and I can’t wait to see it! I definitely need some wealth and fortune in this new year ^u^

  • beadsbaby

    Hm… I wonder if there’s a silver sticker on the box of “power vampire.” I just want to know whether the one I got from the auction is a real stuff…

  • Order Placed! Thanks

  • i got none πŸ™

  • Jimmy.C

    Only less than 10% will win 1 Chiness New Year Android in US….. however 100% GUARANTEE when you have family oversea!!! Oh yeah… I got my Chinese New Year Android “ARMY”… now I need to figure out how to build a cool display case for all my completed androids

  • im feel bad i wait for a chance but not everyone can win please tell me i can try to buy this collectible in other place

  • Trav… I am SOOOOOO envious!! Congrats SUCKA… πŸ™‚

  • any eta on when the next mail comes out?

  • Trav

    Hurray! I was selected! *Happy Dance*

    Thanks so much for bringing a few over for the opportunity to grab them πŸ™‚ I’m assuming I don’t have to do anything other than wait for the next e-mail to actually purchase them.

  • Wow. Congrats on the response and info… I was curious about the details.

  • About 2,400 entries (when i subtract the duplicates)

    200 notices went out today, a few are unclaimed so far, and several people declined (so others were notified).

    If anyone is considering buying one on that auction site, give it a few weeks and I bet they will be cheaper, there is a decent quantity available in Asia.

  • You are killing me here…. have you already emailed the 200 lucky suckers>

  • You are killing me here… what time on the 5th are you sending the email?

  • Anonymous

    Could you tell us how many entries you received?

  • cesar

    i wait for a some power vampire or snowman there are so cute. their prices are very high snow man and the vampire had four-fold the price at first and it’s unfair. I know they are limited edition but there are real fans of Google’s Android and now I’m stick it funny pet for a couple of these on ebay and I do not win

  • cesar

    please dyzplastic make me happy jajaja sorryy i wait for one of these

  • I dropped my entry…if I get it, I get it. If not, Gong Xi Fa Cai anyway!

  • These are really cute!,i want one but i think Google should have managed to release the mini figure for people living in Europe&USA

  • I want one !!!!

  • Hahaha that last comment amused me. Yes, they will all secretly go directly to Dyzplastic / Dead Zebra, Inc employees! All ONE of them (me).

    As far as people selling on ebay, they are taking their chances that they will get one or more. I have nothing to do with that nor can I stop people from reselling products. It’s annoying, but I can’t stop jerks.

  • Anonymous

    200 lucky people…yeah right!!!! probably less than 50 people be select, I bet many will go to the employees… maybe dyzplastic need investigate on their own employees, I remember during the release period few ebay sellers selling android 2-3 days before series 1, vampire, and snowman release… Vampire limited 2 and Snowman limited 1 but they got more than 5 for sell….. Those stated AVAILABLE item not Pre-Order items… anybody see something wrong!!!! DYXPLASTIC/DEADZEBRA owe their fans an bid explanation!!!!!

  • It’s so cute!η›Έη•ΆζœŸεΎ…οΌ

  • Looks great, as always. Sadly, unless I get lucky here or on ebay, I guess this will end my complete collection of Androids.

    I shouldn’t complain: 200 is better than 0. Thank you for making some available.

  • Please I need that one.

  • Just hope im one of the lucky 200 to get picked!!!

  • This is unfortunate for us French or American not being able to buy like everyone else, why not make more copies, we love the work of Andrew Bell and Dizplastic.
    View my android of your creation:

  • @evenrain want to send one my way? will make it worth while πŸ˜‰

  • @redrob2,
    His scroll said, “the god of wealth is coming!”

    I’m so happy that I’m living in Taiwan, haha πŸ˜€

  • sweet im ENTERED!!!!

  • It would be so difficult to get one… I’ll cross my fingers for the lottery… or a good REAL chance at eBay.

  • OMG i hope i get selected so i dont have to pay 100$ on ebay for one of these πŸ™

  • Outstanding as always! What does his scroll say?

  • OMG i want one!!! Keep coming with the designs, they are awesome!!