Meet the Androids: Series 02 Preview (pt3)

A few lucky people managed to get their hands on some Series 02 figures at Google’s amazing Android “booth” at this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (check out Phandroid’s short video of the amazing display)

Only a few more weeks before Series 02 hits shops both online and off! Look for them to start popping up stateside and Asia around the second week of March, and hitting Europe shortly thereafter. I’ll put together a list of some of the shops that will be carrying them.

Name: Bernard
Artist: Scott Tolleson
Ratio: 1/16

Name: GD-927
Artist: Andrew Bell
Ratio: 1/16

Each box includes a little folding flyer checklist with figure names and artist information.

  • cool designs. I like the GD-927 one, it just relate to its nature as a robot though the project are same but the GD-927 stands out among for me.

  • I like Bernard.

  • Anonymous

    The Clear one with blue flames rising from the bottom looks pretty sweet

  • These littles are better as beautifulas the first series or even better. I wish I’m in time to get some this time. I could only get some of series ones through eBay and been scamed twice.

  • Anonymous

    My dream,the androids from the last Picture in a BOX!I love Transparent ,Blue ,and Hex!

  • These all have such interesting little details. The way gd 927 fades to a brownish color is cool! Still loving my 01 collection. I MAKE all my house guests come look at them in my office! I’m annoying like that!

  • These all look awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Ouahhhhh excellent, vvement le lancement des achats ^^

  • HAHA Bernard is adorkable.

  • Bernard is pigeon toed…nice post

  • Building up the anticipation. Honestly, I would be fine with just that sexy Hex figure!

  • GD-927? Wonder what the significance is. Love them both!!! Who’s the blue guy in the folding flyer? Looks like a waterfall or blueish matrix-like little guy.