Meet the Androids: Series 02 Preview (pt5)

The time is upon us! Series 02 will start arriving shops this week  (it will take a little longer for them to arrive at their European retailers). Here is a list of a few of the retailers that will be carrying them. Check out the last two standard editions!

Name: Iceberg
Artist: Andrew Bell
Ratio: 2/16

Name: Noogler
Artist: Jeff Yaksick for Google
Ratio: 1/16
(Yes, the propeller spins!)

If you want to try your luck at the Dead Zebra Shop, we’ll be putting some of our stock up starting this Thursday night at 11pm EST (4 GMT) and again on Friday at 11am EST (16 GMT). Limited to 16 total pieces (1 case) per household for at least the first few releases. We’ll have some more after that, but we’ll need a week or so to catch up!  It’s a good time to brush up on the Limited Edition release FAQ.

  • Do you have mecha chase?
    I’m interested and was looking for that badly!

  • Noogler. That’s cool.

  • Is there any way to sign up to be notified when more are available, or a series 3? I just ordered a case of Series 2 (at a premium price I’m sure), can’t find series 1, don’t want to miss a series 3 if they come out!

  • @ Kenneth

    I think that would be safe bet.

    Also, I just got my Cupcake android and did anyone else notice it smelt almost like… a Cupcake?

  • Will there be a series 3?

  • Hi, I was wondering, will there be a series 3?

  • @Randy – the ratio given tells you the breakdown. For example, Noogler has a ratio of 1/16, which means there will be one in a case of 16. If you buy a whole, unopened case you well get the entire set plus a few duplicates.

  • I just got my case in the mail today!!!

  • I would like to ask –
    What is the breakdown in terms of rarity of the figures?

    Does it necessarily mean that if i buy one case, i will get one of each?
    What is the likely minimum i would need to purchase to complete it?

    Coz i was going through some facebook pics with the SE 02 and it seems some distributors who have attained the set cracked a case open to have 2-3 multiples of the same figures.
    It will be a pretty sad event if that happens too often.

  • devoid of android

    When will the next sale be? They sold out in about three minutes this morning, while I was checking out. :/

  • The chase is called “Mecha” by Jeff Yaksick. Now that I’ve ordered my case of series 2, I’m really hoping I get one…The name alone makes me want it.

  • Drat, I just missed it. I had it all the way to checkout. 🙁
    When is the next batch coming out?

  • Mike

    if you ordered a case, would you get the whole set?

  • So the last 3 “non-standard designs” would be the chase and two variants right? If so, would the racer that we’ve seen around be a variant or the chase?

  • man ive been waiting not to long now…i wonder if the price per case is the same as series 01…

  • Anonymous

    Already pre ordered 4 from a retailer!

  • By my count, that’s 11 different androids for a total of 15 in the case. Which one am I missing?

  • What’s the production run size going to be compared to series 01?

  • Anonymous

    If you buy a case can you still buy individual figure as well?

  • great, deep out of the series, good job Andrew.

  • Anonymous

    is the google store in mv going to be carrying any?

  • Seb

    I’m so excited, i missed the first series…

  • Fred: no, 1 to 16 and anywhere inbetween.

  • Will you only be able to buy cases?

  • Chris: for probably at least a week (until further notice).

    Robert: see post you just commented on.

  • OMG can’t wait, love the Noogler

    Is that 1 case per household per day or 1 case for the first 2 days.

  • Robert

    Will you be putting up the case of 16?

  • YES!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on a case …