Meet the Androids: Series 03 Preview (pt7)

Clearly something is special about this Android.. Pop off his head and you have yourself a micro Android!

his little guy has a built-in keychain attachment and features an articulated head and arms, and legs that move enough to let him sit up unaided. 2 for 1, can’t go wrong! 1/16 ratio.

ontinuing the solid color tradition, series 03 ha us seeing a very specific shade of red! Are you sensing a color pattern yet? Hmmmm.. Red comes in a 2/16 ratio.

ondering about buying these guys? They’ll be available on the Dead Zebra shop (along with a few surprises) starting Monday 9/24 at 11am EDT for shipments starting on 9/26. 
Additionally they should start popping up in toy, collectible, comic and specialty Android retailer locations and websites within the next few days, including many on this list! Also available through many of our Asia retailers starting on the 24th.
  • Vivo en Costa Rica….vendran esas figuras a estos sectores?son muy lindas apenas como coleccion

  • can’t wait!

  • I love the clear one. I am the pre ordered and can’t wait!

  • Green Blue Red… next is YELLOW!

  • Any photos of the rares?

  • Hey there, i’m from Argentina, and i would like to buy one or two of this beauties, is it posible?

  • Will I be able to order a full case from Dead Zebra?

  • Sold separately or as a whole package?

  • OOOO cant wait as usual! ^_^

  • Green, blue, red? o_O?
    Or it’s white, blue, red?

    • Anonymous

      go to and you’ll see the color scheme he is referring to 😛

  • So sweet!!!! Question… Is there any way to see a complete listing of every Android produced? Maybe broken down by series and collector one-offs?