Chinese New Year 2012 Android Mini Collectibles!

Happy Year of the Dragonfrom Android and Dead Zebra, Inc!

You may remember last year’s Chinese New Year edition God of Wealth, we’ve expanded on it this year to bring you a family full of Fortune (祿), Blessing (福)  and Longevity (壽) !

While this is primarily an edition for our partners in Asia, we’ve brought a few sets over to the US! A limited quantity will be sold together in sets of 3 for $29.

The first batch will be available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting Wednesday, January 25th at 11AM Eastern Standard Time. The second batch will go online Wednesday, January 25th at 11PM Eastern Standard Time. They will start shipping the week after that.

Due to limited quantities, these are limited to one per household. We reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason. If there is remaining stock after the initial releases we will put them back online for further orders, (unlikely in this case, so get in early)! As usual you might want to brush up on the Limited Edition release FAQ!

  • Anonymous

    my favorite is the old man

  • Anonymous

    they went on sale at 11am and 11pm, but both times the droids sold out in less than 2 minutes. it was pretty crazy. haha

  • SOLD OUT! I’m really bummed about this. I went to order at 11pm and already sold out. I sure hope theres another opportunity to get these guys.

  • Anonymous

    What happened? I logged on at 11 pm, and all sold out still? I thought some were being held back?

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant!! Absolutely Brilliant!!! Was lucky enough to be able to get a set for myself form the shop @ 2300 hours

  • wow, it went out after less then 3 minutes. Can it be that you made it that limited? … disappointed

  • Anonymous

    Were you guys only selling 5 of these sets at 11PM EST? In the middle of checking out and they were all gone!

  • JoeyBert

    was able to get an order in this morning – thanks!

  • My Birthday is the Thursday, my payday to 🙁

  • cannot…wait….

  • Anonymous

    my BD too

  • Oh, man. Awesome news! I really dig these figures.

  • Anonymous

    hell yea on sale on my birthday!!!