Meet the Androids: Series 02 Preview (pt2)

Three more for you, and a little tidbit: in Series 02 there are only four 2/16 ratio designs. That means that in any full case you’ll end up with 12 different designs in total, unlike Series 01 where you would end up with only 10!

Name: Bluebot
Artist: Google, Inc
Ratio: 2/16

Name: Racer
Artist: Jeff Yaksick for the Android Team
Ratio: 1/16

Name: Rupture
Artist: Doktor A
Ratio: 1/16

23 thoughts on “Meet the Androids: Series 02 Preview (pt2)

  1. I found that you web page say
    “Series 2 features 14 different possible blind-boxed” !!

    That means
    One full case contains 12 different designs
    but cannot complete all 14.

    Right !?

  2. When I saw Cupcake, I kinda hoped there’d be a Gingerbread, Honeycomb, etc. Guess not, huh? I have to say that I find Rupture disturbing. It brings to mind uterine rupture, which can be somewhat devastating and not at all something that I associate with cute lil ‘bots!

  3. Too bad these comments are edited to only show the love… I don’t think these designs are that great.

    The first three are awesome though.

  4. Love these designs, especially Rupture! I can’t wait to see what other artists are involved.

    How many figures are there in the full set? If there’s 12 unique figures per case, isn’t that all of them? Are there no chases?

  5. BlueBot is cool. The others are alright… but the one I really want is HexCode. Would go perfect on my desk with Space Invaders chase from Series 01

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