Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt6)

“Dicktator” has a few things he needs you to take care of.. or he might have to take care of you. Veteran Android artist KRONK is back with this diabolical design. With a 1/16 ratio, there’s only room for one supreme leader per case.

Click above for a full turn-around view of Dicktator!


Today we have another bonus Android Foundry product preview for you! Ever wanted to display your Android pride on your feet, but just weren’t sure how? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re debuting these fancy, soft and comfortable Android Foundry crew socks in two different designs! Available soon along with Series 04, details below!


“When can all this Android madness be MINE?!” you scream, violently waving dollar bills at your screen…

Series 04 will be available from the Dead Zebra Shop starting this Friday, November 29th at 11am EST, with a restock at 11pm EST. Shipping starts a few days after that! Initial limit of to 2 cases (32pcs) per household applies.

Also look for Series 04 starting very soon at a variety of toy, comic, tech and specialty retailers across the world, including many on our Where to Buy list!

Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt5)

We’re mixing up the preview today and tomorrow with one Android mini and one new Android Foundry product… today’s feature is frustration! Introducing “Stress Tech” by artist Sergio Mancini. John Coffee is the sole technical support officer at StressTech, Inc. Needless to say, his job has him a bit on edge. Turn it off and on again before you even think about calling him, 1/16 ratio.


We’re pairing up the preview with a sneak peek at a new shirt from Android Foundry! This guy is certainly not so happy about his situation either.. I mean come on, it wasn’t even raining when he left the house!


I’m not sure how he got into this situation, but he’s making the best worst of it. 4-color screenprint on a “lieutenant green” shirt. Limited quantities in both regular cut and women’s style.

Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt4)

We’re not taking the weekend off, and neither is “Wee Ninja”! Shawnimals’ nefarious ninja is small in stature and always alert to his surroundings… well, almost always. Wee Ninja is hiding in each case in a 1/16 ratio.
Speaking of ninjas.. maybe Wee Ninja is hiding because the rival WuTang Clan is in town? Straight from Shaolin comes kaNO’s “Flipmode”. Brandishing a bat and sporting a cap, I’m not sure he’s in town for the little league game.. 1/16 ratio.

Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt3)

Friday double preview special! Order off-menu for returning Android artist Scott Tolleson’s mouth-wateringly meaty masterpiece, “2×2”. Prepare yourself for a delicious double double patty party! 1/16 ratio.



As some people have cleverly guessed, the solid color Androids have been following a certain familiar pattern since Series 02. This year the yellow shines through! 2/16 ratio.


Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt1)

…could it be? Is it finally happening? Yes! The fourth installment of our artist and designer series of Android mini collectibles is finally arriving soon! This year we’re happy to welcome artists Kong Andri, Sergio Mancini, Fakir and Shawnimals to the roster. They are joined by returning artists Andrew Bell, kaNO, Kronk and Scott Tolleson!

Within the next few weeks, Series 04 will start arriving in toy, comic, specialty and online retailers across the world. We’ll be previewing some of the new designs here on a regular basis, so check back!


“Astronomiton” by Andrew Bell kicks off the series and features as the inspiration for the packaging and promotion of the fourth series. This mechanical monster sports a midnight hue and metallic markings. 2/16 ratio.

Click above for a full turn-around view of Astronomiton!

Trick or Treat.. or Trickertreat – 2013 Halloween Android release!

Veteran Android artist and jack-o-lantern of all trades Gary Ham is back in classic Halloween form with “Trickertreat“! Pick your pumpkin poison with this sneaky two-faced design in a beautifully illustrated window box coming next week to the Dead Zebra Shop. Also make sure you don’t miss Gary’s new art exhibit opening at Stranger Factory‘s gallery in New Mexico on November 1st!


Prepare your pepo! Trickertreat will be available for $10 each at the Dead Zebra Shop in two releases starting at 11AM (EDT) on Monday, October 21st and again at 11PM (EDT)! Shipping will begin on Wednesday.

Please note orders are limited to two figures per household, and only credit cards will be accepted. Please brush up on the Limited Edition release guide & FAQ to help things go smoothly!

China National Day Android special release!

Happy China National Day! (ok, this post is a few hours late if you’re actually in China)

中国紅起来! A special Android mini collectible was put together for some of our partners in the China and Hong Kong region to celebrate the holiday this year! The figure features a simple but strong design featuring the national flag colors and iconography along with a package that celebrates the advances in their space programs.


While this is primarily a release for the Chinese and Hong Kong region, we secured a few figures for this side of the world. They will be available in the Dead Zebra Inc shop starting October 2nd at 11pm EDT.

Please note quantities are very limited, orders are limited to one figure per household, and only credit cards will be accepted. Please brush up on the Limited Edition release guide & FAQ to help things go smoothly.


Google I/O 2013 Wrapup

A few pics from my recent trip to Google HQ for my Talks @ Google artist talk and the 2013 I/O Developers conference! I had a great time, got to meet some good people and ran into some friends. Thanks to Tom and Thiru for arranging the talk logistics, to Dan for the introduction and to Hugo and the entire Android team for making the I/O Tester special edition mini collectible a reality!

Below is an edited (secret Google bits removed, sorry!) version of my talk. I cover my early inspirations and the development of my art over the years with various examples, followed by a bit of info about Androids and a short Q&A! Runs about 45 minutes.

the Great Google+ Giveaway!

Super Android collector and fan Jim Long has put together a big old freebie giveaway over on our G+ Android Collectibles community! Prizes were donated by Jim along with incredibly generous collectors, customizers, shops and sponsors. Prizes include a Nexus 7 tablet, a full case of Lucky Cat Androids, custom Androids, signed Androids and way more! There are prizes specifically for fans, as well as a set of prizes for Android customizers and artists!

Fire up your G+ account and check out the details here!

Chinese New Year 2013 Android Mini Collectible!

Happy Year of the Snake!
But wait! That’s a.. Lion? Holding salad?

No matter the representative animal of the yearly zodiac, you’ll always find a Dancing Lion at any good Chinese New Year festival! While traditionally Chinese, the famous Dancing Lion even spans cultures with Korean and Japanese equivalents.

Each Dancing Lion Android includes one of 7 different auspicious scrolls and a head of green lettuce. The scrolls are wrapped, so you don’t know what message you get until you open it up!

If you’re not familiar with the traditions, then a couple of guys in a brightly colored furry lion suit lobbing heads of lettuce at you might be a bit alarming.. may we suggest you read more about the tradition of the dancing lion over on Wikipedia?

This year’s Special Edition release is once again primarily for our Asian retail partners including HypePulse in China, City Super in Hong Kong, Android Fan store in Taiwan and Droidstore in Singapore. If you are in or near these areas, please check your local retailers for availability. They should be available for sale soon!

However, we will have a very limited stock  available in the Dead Zebra, Inc shop for $10 (plus shipping). There will be only one release time. These are limited to one per household / card holder / person / etc.. you get the idea!

Available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting Thursday, January 24th at 11AM Eastern Standard Time. They will start shipping the week after that.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason. If there is remaining stock after the initial releases we will put them back online for further orders, (unlikely in this case, so get in early)! As usual you might want to brush up on the Limited Edition release FAQ!

Frankie Frost flies high for the 2012 Holiday Special Edition Android mini!

Look up! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ..suddenly really cold and snowing. Must be Frankie Frost flaunting his frozen flakes in your face! Seasoned Android artist Scott Tolleson brings us this cool new holiday special edition modeled after the classic stop motion characters of yesteryear.

Frankie starts flying next week from the Dead Zebra Shop starting at 11AM (EST) on Thursday, December 6th and again that evening at 11PM (EST) for $10. Limit is two per customer so you can keep one and gift another!

Shipping out starts December 10th, non-US customers who want to guarantee holiday arrival should select Priority Mail International shipping method, as First Class International can take 2-5+ weeks to arrive.

Bonus! Click and drag on the image below to see a 360 view (requires javascript). Not working in your browser? Try this direct link.

Catch full moon fever! 2012 Halloween Special Edition Android mini!

Arrroooooo! Happy Halloween everyone! It’s my favorite time of year, and always a great excuse to release a fun mini special edition! I designed this guy as a tribute to a certain awkward age werewolf that many of us remember fondly.. back when vampires didn’t sparkle and werewolves played basketball! The night has come and this mild mannered teenage Android has caught a bad case of full moon fever..

So you’re not sitting around hitting F5 on your computer when you should be out having fun while dressed up as a Sexy Mudskipper we’re shifting out release schedule a little bit. Werewolf will be available at the Dead Zebra Shop starting at 11PM (EDT) on Devil’s Night, October 30th and again on Halloween morning October 31st at 11AM (EDT) and again on November 5th at 11PM (EST)!

Bonus! Click and drag on the image below to see a 360 view (requires javascript). Not working in your browser? Try this direct link.

Designer Toy Award 2012 Winner!

We were fortunate enough to take home our second Designer Toy Award this past Saturday night! The first one was for Android as Fan Favorite, and this year we snagged Best Licensed Product!

awesome award design by Pete Fowler, with little green friend..

I honestly wasn’t expecting that one, we were up there with Star Wars themed nominees! Being completely unprepared, and the first award of the night (again!), I didn’t have much of anything to say on stage other than a short awkward rambling thanks. I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write out a proper thank you here.

Obviously first and foremost thanks to my Android crew at Google (who I think I forgot to thank at the ceremony, oops) for continuing to be so supportive and generally awesome. Thanks to the Clutter Magazine / DTA crew for putting the ceremony and party on, it was a blast and I know they did a ton of work to get everything ready. Thanks to my peers on the board who voted for the category. Thanks to the artists who help keep things fresh. Finally and most importantly, thanks to the fans, collectors and customizers out there who continue to support the project and have taken it from “hey this could be neat..” to “…this is pretty amazing!”.


BAIT release / signing in CA

Quick thanks to Clutter Magazine and the board voters for the Designer Toy Award! A post about that coming up tonight or tomorrow!  Speaking of tomorrow..

Brand new lifestyle, toy, streetwear and sneaker shop BAIT is hosting our friends Scott Tolleson, kaNO and Sket One at an Android Series 03 signing event / release party at 7PM in Diamond Bar, CA (just east of LA)!

The shop looks great! Swing by and say hey to the crew if you get a chance!