Google I/O 2013 Wrapup

A few pics from my recent trip to Google HQ for my Talks @ Google artist talk and the 2013 I/O Developers conference! I had a great time, got to meet some good people and ran into some friends. Thanks to Tom and Thiru for arranging the talk logistics, to Dan for the introduction and to Hugo and the entire Android team for making the I/O Tester special edition mini collectible a reality!

Below is an edited (secret Google bits removed, sorry!) version of my talk. I cover my early inspirations and the development of my art over the years with various examples, followed by a bit of info about Androids and a short Q&A! Runs about 45 minutes.

New Site!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the fresh new Dead Zebra site! It’ll take a little while to work out some of the bugs and import the old dyzplastic blog posts, but hopefully we’ll be back up and running with a new blog covering all things Dead Zebra, Inc (and not just just the toys!).

Halloween Release – Hurricane Update

Hello everyone! Due to widespread power outages, people being evacuated, flooded, and generally spotty internet service here and at the warehouse, the originally scheduled 11pm release tonight will be postponed.

Instead we will be releasing as planned at 11 AM EDT  October 31st  (Halloween!) and then we’ll save the second part of the release for November 5th 11 PM EST (don’t forget that whole daylight savings thing). Yes, we miss out on a bit of the Halloween spirit, but we want to give our fans and collectors in the Northeastern US a chance to recover.

Thanks for understanding!

Chinese New Year 2012 Android Mini Collectibles!

Happy Year of the Dragonfrom Android and Dead Zebra, Inc!

You may remember last year’s Chinese New Year edition God of Wealth, we’ve expanded on it this year to bring you a family full of Fortune (祿), Blessing (福)  and Longevity (壽) !

While this is primarily an edition for our partners in Asia, we’ve brought a few sets over to the US! A limited quantity will be sold together in sets of 3 for $29.

The first batch will be available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting Wednesday, January 25th at 11AM Eastern Standard Time. The second batch will go online Wednesday, January 25th at 11PM Eastern Standard Time. They will start shipping the week after that.

Due to limited quantities, these are limited to one per household. We reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason. If there is remaining stock after the initial releases we will put them back online for further orders, (unlikely in this case, so get in early)! As usual you might want to brush up on the Limited Edition release FAQ!

I almost forgot to mention that O-No Sushi (red) won 2009 Toy of the Year over at the Plastic and Plush blog! I also managed to place 2nd in the artist category. I think someone might have a crush on ,e

On the boat…

Word from the factory is that there is more sushi on the way! Better late than never, these guys should be back in stock online and in stores starting early December!

Why hello there!

Welcome to the Dyzplastic production blog! Here we will update you about ongoing Dyzplastic productions, upcoming releases, events, etc.

Don’t forget to visit the Creatures in my Head for more general updates and artwork from Andrew Bell.