Halloween Release – Hurricane Update

Hello everyone! Due to widespread power outages, people being evacuated, flooded, and generally spotty internet service here and at the warehouse, the originally scheduled 11pm release tonight will be postponed.

Instead we will be releasing as planned at 11 AM EDT  October 31st  (Halloween!) and then we’ll save the second part of the release for November 5th 11 PM EST (don’t forget that whole daylight savings thing). Yes, we miss out on a bit of the Halloween spirit, but we want to give our fans and collectors in the Northeastern US a chance to recover.

Thanks for understanding!

3 thoughts on “Halloween Release – Hurricane Update

  1. Your second release date is on the release of Halo 4, which means more people will be preoccupied at that date than they were with the hurricane.

  2. That’s a very fair thing to do so the people who are affected by Sandy have a chance to participate.

    But November 5th? One would think there would be a Guy Fawkes Android. Oh well, if not this year, then next year maybe. An Android with a V for Vendetta style Guy Fawkes mask would be most extraordinary.

    All the best to everyone who has been hit by Sandy.

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