While the company primarily focuses on our own projects, we remain open to interesting opportunities for collaborations with our artist, studio and agency friends! Have a project you want to discuss? Feel free to drop us a line. Keep in mind that we can only focus on a few projects per year.

Unfortunately we cannot openly accept unsolicited individual artwork or toy design submissions at this time.

For Dead Zebra shop questions, please contact us via the shop.

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The monthly “Dead Meat” newsletter features info about upcoming shows, projects, sales & items from Andrew Bell, The Creatures in my Head, Dyzplastic & Dead Zebra, Inc.


 Designer Con #KillKat selection! Too Much Sake @ Tomenosuke (#2232), Matcha Venom and Chocolate @ Dead Zebra (#108).. also maybe a surprise?  #onoco #DesignerCon #dcon2018  WIP pics incoming! Larry was a digital sculpt (forgive my topology) and a good starting point to construct a 3D printed mother mold for my silicone! An interesting process, not necessarily faster or better (or cheaper) but if I can refine my workflow it might be very useful for molds like this. #LarryLactose #onoco #zbrush #moldmaking #resin #dcon2018 #DesignerCon  O my! I'll have ten pieces of Larry Lactose hand made resin figures in regular & vintage finish at #DesignerCon! About 6" tall with magnetic crown. Booth #108 #onoco #Lactos #dcon2018 #CerealCon #lactoseintolerant



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