A wild Big Box Edition appears!

A lot of people have been asking about the mysterious Big Box Edition Android figures that have started showing up here and there! I was not directly in control of distribution of this edition, so I wasn’t sure when they would hit stores, but it appears they have arrived.

This open (non-limited) edition features simple but fun designs in visible window boxes and was produced for large North American retailers (hopefully eventually in Europe as well!). They have started appearing in Urban Outfitters stores from LA to NY, and will soon arrive at other shops including FYE and Barnes & Noble. These are not part of the limited edition designer series or special editions.

No plans to have them on the DZ site for now, but maybe we’ll snag some in the future.

Click through for plenty more pics!

Bear Tagged

Business Android


Standard Green


38 thoughts on “A wild Big Box Edition appears!

  1. Is there any place where I can get a complete list of all figures released till date including Series 1 & 2, regular, special editions, mystery variants, big box editions, etc?


  2. Are those 7 “the only” 7 from big box series? I saw extra 2 new character from ebay not sure if those 2 are authentic,(sports and doctor) anybody can help to confirm??

  3. Other than those 7 mention, there are another 2 appeared on ebay (Doctoc and Sport) I am not sure if it authentic or what… anybody can confirm??

  4. I finally found these at a UO in Philadelphia! Thanks! I got the business Android that I was never able to get in a blind box!

  5. Andrew: can you give a list of stores selling them in Canada?
    Also, does the standard green Android have an official name, like Andy, or Andie?

  6. I don’t suppose you’ve ever thought of or tried to get Giger on board with designing one, have you? :-D ;-) ;-)

  7. Andrew, what does the original box contains inside? it has 12 robots, how much of each kind? because there are 7 of them at all, what are the duplicates?


  8. Picked up all 6 (except the standard because I already had him). The UO I went to only had the one box and no more in the back. So I bought the 6, plus 1 extra of the Yeti and Business for whoever may want one at work. I work with other engineers/ITechs and they love these things. UO even let me put the remaining figures on the shelf and keep the box. I love these designs. Any word on a potential Series 3???

  9. Mr Bell,

    I wanted to thank you for all your work on the Android minis, not to mention all the hard work from everyone else at Google and the artists who work with you.

    Any word on when a Series 03 will be on the horizon?

    Also, could you please tell me what part of the Android Mini design is trademarked or copyrighted? I feel inspired to make my own minis, not for mass-production, mind you, but for fun, and I don’t want to infringe on any of your work.

    Thanks again!

  10. If they’re non-limited, does this mean that I don’t have to hunt like a maniac for these? Will they eventually be in all UO, or do I need to rush to a major city’s UO to acquire them? I love your stuff, but I’m not paying vultures on eBay or paying mad sales tax on my next trip to NYC if I can just get them in a month or three for face value and less tax.

    • yeah they should be around for a bit, UO, Barnes & Noble, Frys, Best Buy (at least in Canada), etc.. so if you can’t find them right now I would just wait a bit!

  11. They are ten dollars each at urban outfitters. I picked one up about a week and a half ago in San Francisco. They sold out right away though.

  12. they are HORRIBLES uglys

    There are a lot of beautiful Androids but these are very UGlies, the designer is not a professional

  13. It was $10 at the UO in San Francisco, I got two, I wish they had all of them cus I would have bought all of them!

  14. Do you happen to know how much they are to retail for? I’ve already seen people scrambling for them on eBay, surely paying waaaaay too much.

    • I just went by and grabbed the only 4 different ones I could. Apparently people are already hoarding them. The Albuquerque UO store (only one in the entire state of NM) only got 4 of each and a lady from AZ had already called in and had them ship her all of the “Ruby”, “Pinkey”, & “Bear Tagged”.

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