…for Science!

…for science! You couldn’t read this blog post from a tiny handheld computer via invisible information waves while sitting on a toilet inside a flying machine 30,000 feet above the surface of our planet if it weren’t for science! While we’re all naturally curious creatures, some are a bit more commited than others. “…for Science!” is a series of Android Mini Collectible special edition figures celebrating some of the greatest scientific minds in history.

We’re kicking off this (hopefully ongoing) series with three of the best and brightest: Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla.


Each 3″ figure includes an appropriate accessory and comes in a foil stamped windowed display box featuring a short summary of their most notable achievements on the back. This series was created in collaboration with former Android engineer Dan Morrill.

Science isn’t restricted to great minds, anyone can make a great discovery or run their own experiments! So, remember to yell “For Science!” before you throw that switch, start that reaction, or eat that questionable combination of hot dogs and mint ice cream that your 4 year old nephew insists he ‘cooked’ just for you.


See our ‘…for Science’ project page for more photos!

…for Science figures will be available via the Dead Zebra Shop starting Monday, April 20th at 11am EST. Figures will be available individually for $10/pc or together in a set. Due to limited supply, orders are limited to 2 of each figure (or 2 sets) total.