Dungby the dung beetle knows how to deal with all the crap the world throws at them.. by making friends! Literally making friends – like their poop-ball pal Pooba!

A brand new limited edition soft vinyl figure set and accessories coming soon! Check out the Dungby & Pooba storefront in the Dead Zebra Inc shop!
Dungby and Pooba
Dungby & Pooba “Dark Sparkle” edition soft vinyl figure set. Click through for more info on figures!

Dungby stickerDungby Mug

Dungby & Pooba vinyl stickers, 2-tone ceramic mug and bag available in the shop!


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Dungby & Pooba “Fire Ball” 50pc edition soft vinyl figure set is hot hot hot!

Red Devil Dungby
Dungby & Pooba “Red Devil” 50pc edition soft vinyl figure set was a myplasticheart exclusive!