A-Type: Do It Yourself

Finally got some decent photos of the Do-It-Yourself edition of the A-Type figure from Dyzplastic x MPH Labs! I also uploaded a printable sketch template for everyone!

They are available at a few toy retailers already, and I’ll have a few of these figures available in the Dead Zebra shop starting tomorrow for $35.

Printable (PDF) Sketch Template

Oh.. and keep your internet-brain tuned to this station for an exciting announcement in a few hours!

Do-It-Yourself Androids coming soon / SDCC update!

We take a break from our regularly scheduled production party to bring word that pure white blank Do-It-Yourself Androids will be coming soon! We’ll be bringing a small number of them to the International Comic-Con this week, along with several cases of Series 1. Blanks will be available for $6 each, with Series 1 at $7 and cases at $110, we will be limiting the number of sales each day to give more attendees a chance!

Can’t make it to Comic-Con? D-I-Y and Series 1 will be available again online shortly after our return from sunny California! We will be doing some shop beta testing sales the last week of July, and hope to be open for business the first week of August. Want to help beta test the shop and guarantee yourself some sweet vinyl love? Leave a comment with your e-mail address and country (it will not be published to the public) and we will randomly select participants from those comments!

One more thing…

Copperbot Android t-shirts! With metallic copper ink! Available at the booth for $20 (or $17 in a 3 pack with other shirts), and available online along with the toys once the shop relaunches!