Meet the Androids: Series 03 Preview (pt1)

Series 3 is almost upon us! Hooray! Our shipment is arriving on the sunny shores of California today and should be hitting retailers in a week or two after we clear customs and truck it over to the distribution center!

Let’s count down the days with a few design previews, starting with Sket One’s glossy conman, 8-Ball Hustler. This slick black fedora wearing pool player also includes a cue accessory.

  8-Ball Hustler Android Series 03 Sket One

Bonus! Click and drag on the image below to see a 360 view (requires javascript).
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  • Matt

    Want! Btw, are there any plans to sell any of the series 3 figures non blind?

  • Anonymous

    You know, this guy is going to make me want a whole set of billiard ball designs now – solids: 1-7 and stripes: 19-15 (yellow, blue, red, purple, orange, green, maroon) I suppose the white/blank DIY version can serve as the cue ball. =)

  • Anonymous

    Andrew, will the whole box be sold on the website? If so, can we be notified when the sale begins?

  • Can’t wait! I need to add more to my collection!

  • Ballmore

    I’m patiently waiting for my case. 🙂

  • I MUST have 8-Ball Hustler!