Stink Box

Jason Limon x Dyzplastic

Dropping adorable stink bombs on retailers starting December 2017! Get a sneak peek at Designer Con Nov 11-12th!

Inspired by and featuring artwork from Jason Limon, this whimsical blind box mini series features a total of 16 different possible feline friends. Many are named after some special cats in our own lives, but feel free to call them by whatever name you want.. they’re cats, they won’t answer either way.

Stink box features a fun box design, where the packaging itself becomes part of the display for the figure. Separate the top, insert into box, attach fringe, add cat, and enjoy your own special Stink Box

stinkbox_case-open thumbnail
stinkbox-Kingpin thumbnail
stinkbox_blindbox-frontback thumbnail
stinkox_Smokey-Doodle_Chubbs thumbnail
stinkbox-blindbox-Linky_and_Catacombs thumbnail
stinkbox_case-closed thumbnail
stinkbox_Pants_Cookie_Catmandu thumbnail

Pick up a Purrtin the Russian Blue, or the inky black Linky, Catacombs the crazy, Kingpin the former mafia cat.. they’re all waiting to come into your home and poop into your boxes.

Dropping adorable stink bombs on retailers starting December 2017!