Android mini collectibles in shops

Android toys are finally hitting a few select toy retailers. Here is a short list to get you started on your quest:

rotofugi *

rivet *

New York
my plastic heart *
toytokyo *
frozen empire

3d retro

cardboard spaceship
Neon Monster *

United Kingdom

playlounge *
Tokyo Toy Store

*denoted that store also has a physical location.

Some shops have already gone through their stock, but others haven’t put them online yet. Some shops keep a few sets for their retail storefronts. Hint: newsletter subscribers got this information first!

More coming this summer if you miss out on these, including at the 2010 International Comic-Con!

21 thoughts on “Android mini collectibles in shops

  1. Limited supply usually means the product will AT LEAST be in stock for a few days. I dont think so many would be pissed if that were the case. 20 minutes is just ridiculous. How many were made? 8?

  2. its not really that hard, just keep all those stores open in a tab, refresh them every so often, sign up for newsletters, follow people’s tweets. i’ve got about 30 so far :D

  3. I love how everyone is acting like they are somehow entitled to these things.

    “You didn’t make enough androids like you promised me you would!”

    Dyzplastic has been very clear from the beginning that these are very limited in supply, and made no promises to anyone as far as availability goes. If you got some, great! If not, don’t freak out at the person who is making these great little toys. I for one can’t even imagine the amount of stress that goes into running an operation like this.

  4. Thanks Paul, @everyone: this is a one-man self-funded company. I had no way to know the demand of vinyl toys based on a mobile operating system, there was no precedent to measure it against. I am happy they are so in demand, I am sorry I did not have more initially, I am making more.

  5. @Paul
    As consumers in want of a high demand product, yes, I’d like to think everyone is equally entitled. Or at least given an equal opportunity to get said product. And that’s the point: this whole operation is being done so shitty and half assed. No one is given proper release dates, no decent notice. Hell. We were told a couple weeks wait for a list that came over a month later and it was the same shit. No, they’re not Hasbro. But if you intend on releasing a product you know will be in high demand, you might want to get more than a few hours worth produced and ready for *mass* release. Check for that in the Bill of Rights while you’re at it.

  6. Yeah cause everyone is entitled to Android Mini’s; its in the Bill of Rights I think. People this isn’t a huge toy manufacturer and everyone knew from day 1 it would be a limited run, lets give them some time to produce more, this isn’t Hasbro I doubt they have the means to just produce thousands more because some of us were too slow on the 10th.

  7. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking on here everyday since the first ones were sold out. I came on refreshed the site about 20 mins later and the list came up of the shops in California. Went to go buy them and they were sold out. This is some bullshit!!!

  8. This is ridiculous. Dont go making a product you cant even keep stocked for a day. Please take a business 101 class. Summer is 3-4 months away. These things will be forgotten by then.

  9. guys relax, there will be another shipment arriving this summer! i think ‘im going to have to write a blog post about why these have been so limited, and it’s not because i don’t want to take your money ;)

  10. Yeah, this is just ridiculous. Ramp up production and sell them like any other shop. We want to give you money. Let us give you some damn money.

  11. Hope you produce more of these cute Androids well enough to actually sell them to interested buyers and not “resellers”

  12. I honestly feel very similar to Justin… There’s such an incredibly high demand for these, and I looked at this site shortly after this was posted, and it got me nowhere. I’m almost at the point where I don’t have any desire to buy any. When the supply falls this short of demand, you have people who buy these BECAUSE THEY WANT TO MAKE MONEY, not to actually collect them.

  13. Why put up this information and not even have enough to sell? Of the two or three retailers that had them online, they are sold out already. Seriously, like Justin mentioned above, you should have had more produced before even selling the first one.

  14. Can’t find their listings in the NY stores. I went from buying a full case to probably not getting them at all. If this was a little more convenient on launch day I think you could have sold even more, I know I would already have a case. I don’t get the point of this secrecy bullshit. Do you not want to make money? Not telling everyone where they are, letting shops sell out before letting people know, and not making enough to meet demand just doesn’t seem like a good business practice.

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