Android Special Edition : Big Android BBQ Blue

It’s been a busy month for Android and mini collectible fans as many of you rip into your S3 cases! The fun continues with the Big Android BBQ taking place in Dallas, Texas next week!

Big Android BBQ Androids
This was originally slated for a late summer release for people who couldn’t grab the red SDCC edition but when we confirmed that we could make it to this year’s Big Android BBQ this year we knew it would be a perfect release to have there!

The Androids comes together in a case style window box ready to enjoy the day with camera, spatula and bbq accessories.

They’ll be available for $20/set in person throughout the BBQ weekend, late-registration tickets are still available! For those of you who sadly can’t make it, we’ll have them up online in the Dead Zebra Shop on the 20th at 11am EDT, get your appetite ready!

7 thoughts on “Android Special Edition : Big Android BBQ Blue

  1. We need some east coast love at some point…. 2013 BBQ, I suggest Philadelphia area, etc!!! :)

  2. They are so cute. Me & my husband have the plain little ones . No I can’t make it to the bbq, but I know it will be a good bbq. Enjoy & have a good one :)

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