Meet the Androids: Albino and APK 2008

Reminder: Do not go wasting your cash on eBay resellers with jacked-up prices, there will be more Androids in the future if you are patient!

People are starting to get their Androids! If you have some good photos why not drop them into our Flickr Pool?

One last “regular” Android to show off, followed by one of the rarer chase editions.. so don’t scroll down if you don’t want spoilers!

Name: Albino
ID: 09
Ratio: 1/16

High gloss white finish with red eyes.

— Yarr, below there be spoilers! —

Name: APK 2008
ID: 11
Ratio: ?/??

Someone had requested an explaination of this guy. Most Android devs and quite a few users will be familiar with APK, the file format for Android install packages. 2008 is the year Android debuted. The whole thing? An pretty blatant homage to one of my favorite classic Sci-Fi movies!

34 thoughts on “Meet the Androids: Albino and APK 2008

  1. Im sorry im off to ebay. Dont really want to, but I want one so bad…… just want the green one. Thats all just 1….

  2. Here’s an idea; if you want to avoid people wasting their cash on ebay listings, how about providing enough to meet demand? Hard for me to believe in this day of just-in-time production that it really takes this long to create more product. Maybe I’m naive. Or maybe this is a deliberate shortage to create buzz.

  3. On 2/10,
    > If you missed out today, check back here in a
    > week or two for a list of stores that will have
    < some! If you miss those, there should be more
    > available in a few months when our second
    > shipment comes in!

    I never saw the list in a week or two.
    Why don’t you update the curent status?

  4. “will have a figures in a few weeks!”

    So it’ll be 24 days since the release/sell out date. What exactly is a “few weeks” to these people? Way to leave consumers high and dry. Way to leave consumers high and dry. Don’t mean to sound like such a bitter punk ass, but I’m getting really impatient, as I’m sure others are as well. Updates???

  5. +1

    Why don’t you make some kind of mailing list so people get informed when they will be available again?

    And I’m running my own firm in Belgium, isn’t there a way to become a dealer of the toys perhaps?

    Kind regards,


  6. So is it safe to say that APK is the rarest of the rares? Seems like the others are pretty readily available. I think I can see the future … yes, I can! Why … I see myself spending lots of money in the future to get it and complete the set. :(

  7. I got doubles of another chase and the only one I’m missing is the APK. I’m in the same spot as Cameron. Anyone willing to work out a deal? Must … have … all … 12!!! OK, fine, I have a problem. There I said it!

  8. @cdb273 a certain number had already been made as per an already set schedule and budget that was somewhat out of my hands, a pre-order would have been a mad rush like the regular sale, sold out in minutes, and have people asking “why was there a pre-order?”

  9. Chalk me up to scheduling my time in advance so I could order some Androids. I was pretty disappointed that the window for ordering seemed to be about 5 minutes. Why was this not available for preorder?

  10. I just can’t wait to order a few… I am a dork and actually marked down on my calendar the last time they were on sale, but like many other people I was too slow… I am hoping this time around I will get a shot :) I will start crossing my fingers now….

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