Release the Robots! *SOLD OUT*

What a crazy rush! Unfortunately we are now super extra sold out of our online stock. We had hoped to offer more this evening, but a software issue caused some over-sales.

If you missed out today, check back here in a week or two for a list of stores that will have some! If you miss those, there should be more available in a few months when our second shipment comes in! FEAR NOT, Androids shall be yours!

105 thoughts on “Release the Robots! *SOLD OUT*

  1. I just put a deposit down for a case at my local urban toy dealer, they told me that they’re expecting to have them by the end of this month when they return from some conferences they’re going to (it’s a pretty small shop, so they’re closing for a two week break during). Here’s for hoping I get my case then!

  2. So does anyone have an idea when the next wave of Androids will hit retail stores and Mr Bell will you also restock them here?

  3. Despite today being a mail holiday, my four pack arrived in the ATL!

    I received a regular, a creature, a darknet and a worker!

    I wish I had bought more!

    Even received a couple of nice stickers.

  4. Got my case on saturday and agree it was like christmas opening all the blind boxes. Even my girl who has harrassed me about being a complete dork for buying these got in on the excitement and will be putting some on her desk at work. I am now surrounded by an army androids from 9-5. What more can you ask for?

  5. Got mine!!!! I got a Copper bot, albino, creature, and a rare one that has a 2 tone with an 01 on the back side (really diggin’ the mystery droid). I really wanted a worker droid, but the ones I got are great. Can’t wait until more are available online here so i can get another 4 pack. I’m hooked on these blind boxes. I was all excited when I was opening them.

  6. Well i got my 2 case ordered and I to think they are in MA. EBay…. so be it. They can do what they want and if people are going to pay that so be it. Right now my wife sold Series 2 and 3 of our Dunnys and a bunch of others with a few 8″ Dunnys just to make room for these guys. I wish you all luck in getting them RETAIL. They will be there soon. Just check out TWITTER. I will post the stores you will be able to buy them from. Help the retailers. I promise none of them are Millionaires and they all appreciate your purchases.

  7. I just got mine! Out of my 4 I got s Standard Android, a Creature, an Octopoid and a chase figure! If anyone is interested in trading a Worker or a Copperbot for the Creature or the Octopoid let me know. The chase figure I received is really awesome looking!

  8. @Robert: I payed via Google checkout and yeah I got shipping notification.. right now its coming from Springfield, MA and its going to be a very long haul to Phx w/ SnowZilla back east and president’s day on monday :/

  9. I Luckily scored a case of these. Will post pics of course. Curious what the secret one will be? If its not a blue one. I will take one and paint it blue in honor of ‘him’

    @Robert: I am in Arizona(Phx) and yeah im curious if they will be avail @Zia Records

  10. I was just browsing on eBay & found one on there for $45… That’s crazy! I can’t wait until you guys in more stock so I can order one. I’m not getting ripped off by greedy people.

  11. We needed some more large boxes for cases, which got held up due to SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010! Hope to have most of them out by tomorrow and the rest early next week (Monday is a Federal Holiday)

  12. I got a four pack and a case. I am such a sucker for Blind Box items. How soon will these ship? Can’t wait to find out which ones I got!

  13. @dyzplastic Will try to be patient, but waiting a couple of months is going to be rough. Thanks for the heads up though :)

  14. Kelvin, I ordered early this morning and didn’t get a shipment confirmation but was charged so don’t worry too much yet. Good luck though!

  15. Hey guys, if you are patient these will be easier to come by in a couple of months when our next shipment arrives. Don’t go scurrying off to eBay to get ripped off! :)

  16. I can’t wait to see my little android friends. I must of got lucky and ordered at the right time. Thanks for making this happen. I hope everyone that wants these will be able to purchase in the near future.

  17. I couldn’t sleep for some reason last night & I was up until 5am. I didn’t see anything posted yet so I finally feel asleep… I got up around 10:30am & everything was already sold out. I was very disappointed like most people here. I was waiting all week to buy 1-3 of these… I live in CT so I hope some store over here carriers them but I doubt it.

  18. Anyone on here from Arizona, Zia records will most likely have these. They sell tons of these types of figures in all sorts of variety there. Still, I do have to say, it was half assed bullshit for them to “randomly” sell them like they did. Kind of felt like a lot of people were cheated on an even chance to get a case.

  19. Hmmmm, I’m worried that I’m going to be one of those people that has to wait a while because I still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation and I bought them during the second round today :(

  20. Everyone knew it was going to be a limited release. As for the time, 9AM Eastern had to be pretty obvious. I was surprised they sold so fast but still it was not like trying to buy concert tickets on Ticketmaster.

    I paid with PayPal for my 4-pack and got a shipping notification email.

  21. Candice> If you are in Phoenix, a local shop called Red Hot Robot will most likely be carrying them once the distributer ships them. Call the shop to confirm.

  22. I would have preferred a set release time to a random one so that everyone could be on equal footing. Still I thank you for coming with such a nice product.

  23. I order (2) 4 pack around 9:35am EST. You can pay via Paypal or Google. I’d recommended it so you can check out faster and you don’t have to enter any info so you have a better chance of getting them. Went through Google check out with a breeze.

    It is piorty mail ($5.50). Pretty excited to see what I’ll get. Hope I get them!

  24. Well, it’s officially a wrap… I guess I’ll check to see teh list of stores that will be selling these. Hopefully, I’ll luck up with a Chicago store since I’ll be visiting home in 2 weeks. Crossing my fingers!

  25. A lottery instead of a race would have been nice… some of us are plagued with slow internet connections so our orders don’t go through fast enough! Maybe do a batch you have to purchase using your android enabled device :) Thanks for making a cool product, hope I get a couple.

  26. Man, I ordered a 4 pack @ 8:23AM CST this morning and went through Google Checkout. I was going to order a few more now but looks like they’re gone already (at least for now). One question, I got a confirmation email from google checkout and they charged my account but I didn’t get any type of order confirmation form dyzplastic. Does dyzplastic send out order confirmations or is it just from google? I just want to make sure I’m gonna get my little android guys. I already made some room in my office for them.

  27. he said he was going to have to do some refunds in the near future on twitter. I’m guessing there will be more available at some point.

  28. That was really quick. I refreshed and tried to order a four pack and I missed it by one person! Sorry, couldn’t email anyone fast enough, LOL.

  29. I just made my order with Google Checkout! Do we get a confirmation from Dead Zebra whether or not it got in fast enough? I got a Google Checkout order confirmation, but just want to make sure it won’t be cancelled and refunded.

  30. @Joel @candace I live in france and since this morning I’m checking…
    Please, please, please, for now I’ve only my phone and my 3G connection to check, so is it possible to send me an email to tell me that a new order is possible ?

    Thanks a lot by advance

  31. @Arnaud – Sales are currently closed. Keep checking the site throughout the day. It will be open again once they’ve recovered from the this first batch of sales. :-)

  32. I can’t buy anything !! I’ve still an error about the notice but impossible for me to see product or add them in a potential basket ! Help me

  33. Well, it was a picture of a single box with one green Android figurine to the side and another picture of the Android collectibles 16 pack box. There were titles underneath each image pertaining to Individual (1-, 2-, or 4-pack) or Box purchasing… Click the title and it would take you to adding it to your cart, checkout.. etc.

    Exactly the same page as we see now, but just add my description to the bottom once you scrolled down a little.

  34. When they are available it will list 2 options at the bottom, buy a single android, or buy a case. It looked like once they sell out it removed the option from the bottom of the screen. Cost for a box was $112.00 + $12 USPS shipping. Individuals were $7.25 each, available in 1, 2 or 4 packs. Didn’t get to see what the shipping was for the smaller packs.

  35. I got the same thing Candace. It is because too many people added to their cart before the Temporary Unavailable notice went active. Say 200 cases were put available. If 208 people added to their cart, it would show Reduce Order to -8, because 8 too many had been ordered. I could definitely use notification if it goes up. I will be in class all day. Probably have my laptop out the whole time to check though.

  36. I actually got in to be able to add a four pack to my cart, but when I went to checkout it stopped me and gave to options – Reduce my order to -11 or remove from cart… I don’t know that that was about.

  37. I got my box right around 9:15am EST. But they did say they would be posted randomly all day, so who knows if that will really help. Good luck to everyone!

  38. @Cameron… we are in the same boat (I’m in AZ as well)! Maybe we should notify each other if one of us sees it first. I plan on checking this site alllll day until I get my hands on at least ONE, lol.

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