Android mini collectibles – Series 03 update!

Series 03 “Escape Ape” design by Kronk

Wow it’s been a few months since I posted here! It doesn’t feel like it, because we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes since last year on the next designer series of Android mini collectibles! Originally we were aiming for a Q2 release, which would be before the end of this month…

The good news is that they’re better than ever, almost ready, and they look great! The bad news is that the improvements we’ve made equaled slightly longer prototyping manufacturing time. Despite things being pushed back a bit, I think everyone will be pleased with the results. We hope to have them all on a big ole boat by the end of the month and in your hands starting late July.

We’ll also have some more awesome Android news for you next week, so check back!

10 thoughts on “Android mini collectibles – Series 03 update!

  1. Any update on a release date? The end of July has come and gone. We are getting anxious.

  2. Late July can’t come soon enough. Any chance there might be some more sneak peeks for us? Hmmmmmmmm??? :-D ;-)

  3. Will the Schemer special edition be a part of this series? Never knew about that one until it popped up on ebay. (Could you also have blogged about it here ahead of its release so we could maybe have gone and picked it up if we lived near Austin like I do?) Or could you perhaps offer some Schemer figs here in the store? I hate to miss any of these, and that’s one that seems like it’s completely out of reach now.

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