Android Summer Edition: Comic-Con Variant

Grab your red shirt, pick up a lanyard and fire up the grill, summer is here and that means two things.. BBQs and Convention Season!

DKE Toys just announced these on their blog , so I suppose I can mention them as well! Android mini collectibles Summer Edition: Comic-Con Variant is coming to San Diego this July! Limited to 1,000 sets.

Includes Fandroid with lanyard and badge and Griller with spatula and grill accessory. Both come packed in a special dual window box for $25 (CA tax included).

They’ll be available at DKE, booth #4728 from July 11-15th at the International Comic-Con.

p.s. these pics are of our second round prototypes, final pieces vary slightly. we love cutting things close ;) 

10 thoughts on “Android Summer Edition: Comic-Con Variant

  1. Yes, please consider setting aside a few on the website for those with no plans to attend the event… :-)

  2. Best I have seen, since the developer Android bot. PLEASE get some for the website.

  3. These look great. Only 1,000 sets? That sounds very limited. How many were produced for last years SDCC set? I enjoy collecting these but the fun starts to wear off when hoarders buy them all just to sell them on eBay for rediculous prices.

    The Schemer design started showing up on eBay recently. The first that I saw on eBay sold for $460 and that set the bar for pricing after that. I have seen a few pop up since then and they have all been $350+.

    Please consider selling some on your website and send us a email in advance if you do. Thanks.

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