Happy Year-End Generic Non-Denominational Holidays!

This Android mini collectible special edition Snowman was designed by our friend Gary Ham.

Check back in a few days for sales and availability information!

18 thoughts on “Happy Year-End Generic Non-Denominational Holidays!

  1. WANT!

    I live in Aus too and I scored a halloween one. Discovered them a little too late to have bought any others. But I’ll be going for this one for sure!!

  2. I live in Australia and managed to get some of them. Took 3 weeks for the items to get posted here though haha

  3. @ Thomas

    How so? I live in Toronto, Canada and have yet a problem getting series 1 or the halloween edition either.

  4. Ohhh, I neeeeeeeed to have one of these. Still, as always, living outside the United states, it will be impossible to get one.

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