Don Pablo Calaveroid – Day of the Dead Android

Halloween is so October 31st… We’re all about Dia de los Muertos now! This year we asked our friends Ernesto and Carlos East, aka the Beast Brothers to lend their Mexican flair to a Special Edition Android mini collectible!

The result is the beautiful and colorful “Calaveroid”! This limited special edition figure will be available at the Dead Zebra Shop starting on the Day of the Dead, November 1st, 2011 at 11am (EST) and again at 11pm (EST). In order to make it available to the most people, sales will be initially limited to 1 per person for the first few stock periods, and after we catch up we’ll let the rest out for doubles or re-orders! There will also be a few available via select Asia retailers.


Oh, and who wouldn’t want to don some Don Pablo? Delicious skull T’s on both black and limited run purple will be making an appearance as well!


Android Snowman mini collectible release info

Gary Ham‘s Snowman Android design will sell for $10 and see two separate releases in the Dead Zebra Shop (to help accommodate the vampires and Australians). The first batch will be available starting Monday, December 6th at 11AM Eastern Standard Time. The second batch will go online Wednesday, December 8th at 11PM Eastern Standard Time.

In order to give the most people a chance, we’re limiting it to ONE per person/address (not per release, just one overall). In the spirit of the holidays, please don’t try to buy one for yourself and one for your cat who lives suspiciously close to you. We reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason. If there is remaining stock after the 8th, then you can order another one!

As usual you might want to brush up on the Limited Edition release FAQ , and take a peek at the Holiday Shipping Deadlines while you’re at it!

After the unfortunate spontaneous combustion of the Power Vampire release server gerbils, our replacement server wombats have been injected with steroids and given daily protein shakes. There will still be a mad dash, and I expect some slowness and a few errors, but hopefully things will be a bit smoother.