Meet the Androids: Worker & Octopoid

A two-for Tuesday! Excited about tomorrow? I know the one lady who will be shipping all of these orders is! Perhaps I am confusing “excited” with “terrified”.

In case you’re wondering when the figures will be available tomorrow, it will be a random time, and I will be adding stock throughout the day to give people in different time zones a chance! Don’t forget that a few cases of these will also be hitting select retailers in a couple of weeks. So if you miss out here, all hope is not lost.

Name: Worker
ID: 07
Ratio: 1/16

Will work for recharge.

Name: Octopoid
ID: 08
Ratio: 1/16

He’s all legs and suckers.

11 thoughts on “Meet the Androids: Worker & Octopoid

  1. vtjiles> there are no guarantees with blindboxes, but from my understanding buying a case will ensure you receive all the ones you have seen thus far. the ratios in every case are
    standard droid 3/16
    hi voltage 2/16
    creature 2/16
    copperbot 2/16
    darknet 2/16
    octopoid 1/16
    albino 1/16
    and there are two others with a ratio of 1/32 and a very rare one which is 1/???. A case will definitely get you at least one or duplicates of all the androids with a ratio of 16, but you may also get a case that has a few of the mystery chase versions. One has to assume the ratio of 32 ones will pop up every other case, or one chase to every case case, and the super rare one may be found in every forth case.

  2. @dyzplastic



    That would be cool. I really want the whole set. I’m not sure if I can swing the cost of a whole set, I’ll have to see the price. If I was guaranteed a full set, that would probably sway me in favor.

  3. In another post you say there are 12 designs and we can “grab a whole case to secure a nearly-full set” (which is 16). Why nearly-full? If I buy 16 I’d want one of each. Can you at least guarantee those of us who buy a case tomorrow will get the whole set?

  4. The information will be up here Justin, for now it is just my own online sales. Other retailers have not had a chance to order theirs yet (distributor in middle of inventory, so things got held up a week or so!)

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