Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt3)

Friday double preview special! Order off-menu for returning Android artist Scott Tolleson’s mouth-wateringly meaty masterpiece, “2×2”. Prepare yourself for a delicious double double patty party! 1/16 ratio.



As some people have cleverly guessed, the solid color Androids have been following a certain familiar pattern since Series 02. This year the yellow shines through! 2/16 ratio.


Google I/O 2013 Wrapup

A few pics from my recent trip to Google HQ for my Talks @ Google artist talk and the 2013 I/O Developers conference! I had a great time, got to meet some good people and ran into some friends. Thanks to Tom and Thiru for arranging the talk logistics, to Dan for the introduction and to Hugo and the entire Android team for making the I/O Tester special edition mini collectible a reality!

Below is an edited (secret Google bits removed, sorry!) version of my talk. I cover my early inspirations and the development of my art over the years with various examples, followed by a bit of info about Androids and a short Q&A! Runs about 45 minutes.

Designer Toy Award 2012 Winner!

We were fortunate enough to take home our second Designer Toy Award this past Saturday night! The first one was for Android as Fan Favorite, and this year we snagged Best Licensed Product!

awesome award design by Pete Fowler, with little green friend..

I honestly wasn’t expecting that one, we were up there with Star Wars themed nominees! Being completely unprepared, and the first award of the night (again!), I didn’t have much of anything to say on stage other than a short awkward rambling thanks. I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write out a proper thank you here.

Obviously first and foremost thanks to my Android crew at Google (who I think I forgot to thank at the ceremony, oops) for continuing to be so supportive and generally awesome. Thanks to the Clutter Magazine / DTA crew for putting the ceremony and party on, it was a blast and I know they did a ton of work to get everything ready. Thanks to my peers on the board who voted for the category. Thanks to the artists who help keep things fresh. Finally and most importantly, thanks to the fans, collectors and customizers out there who continue to support the project and have taken it from “hey this could be neat..” to “…this is pretty amazing!”.


Android Series 03 release!

Hooray! We’re finally taking orders in the official Dead Zebra Inc shop! Orders will start shipping later this week. They’re available now There will be more at around 11pm EDT and if we sell through those don’t panic because there will still be plenty of options from our retail partners!

Thanks to all the fans for the continued support (and patience!), I know you’re going to love this series! 

P.S. We also have two awesome new Android t-shirts available!

Meet the Androids: Series 03 Preview (pt3)

This is one of those designs that needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate! Nexus sports a smokey dark translucent body and carries the latest generation flagship 4G LTE GSM dual band tri force quadruple card 5GHz 5″ HD* completely non-functional miniature Nexus phone accessory.

Android mini collectible series 3 - Nexus by Google

Set him up near a light source for maximum effect! 2/16 ratio.
*note: phone specs may be slightly exaggerated, phone is a small piece of solid plastic.

Bonus! Click and drag on the image below to see a 360 view (requires javascript). Not working in your browser? Try this direct link.

Meet the Androids: Series 02 Preview (pt1)

Just a little over a year after the debut of Android Mini Collecibles Series 01, we’re showing off some sneak previews of Series 02! Many thanks to the fans, collectors, shops and most of all Google for making the first series such a success.

Name: Hexcode
Artist: Andrew Bell
Ratio: 2/16

Name: Cupcake
Artist: Gary Ham
Ratio: 1/16

Name: Greeneon
Artist: Google, Inc
Ratio: 2/16

Each of these three have a little surprise of their own, but I’ll leave that up to you to find out when they arrive!

Series 02 will be hitting the dead zebra shop and dozens of stores both online and in meatspace in early March! More details and previews as we get closer to release!

While you wait, you should see what Android fan Carsten did with one of his figures!

Meet the Androids: Worker & Octopoid

A two-for Tuesday! Excited about tomorrow? I know the one lady who will be shipping all of these orders is! Perhaps I am confusing “excited” with “terrified”.

In case you’re wondering when the figures will be available tomorrow, it will be a random time, and I will be adding stock throughout the day to give people in different time zones a chance! Don’t forget that a few cases of these will also be hitting select retailers in a couple of weeks. So if you miss out here, all hope is not lost.

Name: Worker
ID: 07
Ratio: 1/16

Will work for recharge.

Name: Octopoid
ID: 08
Ratio: 1/16

He’s all legs and suckers.

Meet the Androids: CopperBot & Reactor

Two for one mega-size Friday update! This is perhaps the most anticipated of the Androids teased so far. Say hello to my little friend, CopperBot.

Name: CopperBot
ID: 04
Ratio: 2/16

Metallic copper finish with mechanical detailing and an overwhelming desire to be loved.

Name: Reactor
ID: 06
Ratio: 1/16

You could even say it glows! (it does, in the dark)

Finally on another note, I will be at myplasticheart in NYC for a bit tonight to attend the opening reception for New Moon 2010! If you enjoy toys and art and are in the New York area, why not stop in?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Meet the Androids: Darknet

We continue our introduction to the designs! Half-way through working on this post the power went out in my building. Coincidence? Most definitely. This guy is named “Darknet”, not “Blackout”. He features black on black artwork and a crazy look in his red eyes.

ID: 05
Name: Darknet
Ratio: 2/16

Meet the Androids: Hi-Voltage

I’ll be taking the opportunity over the next few days to introduce some of the designs and share some more information!

As some of you have figured out, these guys will be available February 10th. The first batch will hit right here online (yes we ship internationally), followed in a week or two by a limited release in toy and collectible shops both online and in the real world! After that I’m afraid you’ll be waiting a few months while our replication pods recharge, so good luck! Price? About $7.25 per box, with discounts on cases of 16.

We’ve already seen standard Android, so today we start up with this electrifying Android.

ID: 02
Name: Hi-Voltage
Ratio: 2/16

Warning: Do not attempt to plug in.

Android mini collectibles

New from artist Andrew Bell and Google’s Android™ platform comes Android mini collectibles series 01!

Andrew, an avid Android user himself, teamed up with some friends at Google to bring their little green mascot to life. Series 1 features 12 different designs in blind-boxed cases of 16. Pick up a few and try your luck, or grab a whole case to secure a nearly-full set. Be on the lookout for some super rare chase editions. Each vinyl figure stands 3” tall and features a rotating head and arms.

Check back throughout the next few weeks for more photos and info!

Series 1 will be available later this month right here in an online Android collectibles shop and in specialty retailers. For wholesale inquiries contact DKE distribution.

Android™, related logo and character design are trademark Google Inc. and are used under license.