Standard Green Android hitting shops

As I had mentioned a while back, future releases like the Green, DIY and Series 02 Androids will be available from a variety of shops. We got our first shipment of Standard Green Androids in, and they are showing up at retailers! The green guys have their own dedicated box this time.

Here is a quick short list of some shops that have / will have them, many of these shops have physical locations as well! I’ll have mine up in a week or so.

US Based:




Coming soon to these and many more:

Sold out for now but likely restocking soon:

Miss out on a snowman? We’ll have a few more up randomly throughout the week.

Also a good time to note that there has been a flood of the crappy knockoffs, if it sounds too cheap to be true, it probably is. Any “short box” style unopened Series 1 or Green/White toys you see for sale from questionable retailers out there are likely bad copies.

13 thoughts on “Standard Green Android hitting shops

  1. Almost bought a knock-off – luckily I did some checking first. Bought the genuine item for my girlfriend who just got a Galaxy Pocket Android phone – and she absolutely loved it :).

  2. Good thing I put in the order when I did, although shipping to CANADA was ridiculous ($20 shipping for two figures), so I had to get them sent to a US mail depot for cross-border pickup. They’re waiting there right now…can hardly wait!

  3. Anonymous: If it is the “series 01” designs, they are probably fake. If they are the new green ones (in the box above) they might be real, I now have real distributors in Asia.

  4. I saw some toy shops in Hong Kong are start selling these recently, I wonder if they are legit retailers or not? (price are about $64 USD per box.)

  5. Yes, they’ll be hitting some Euro stores! But obviously shipping them to Europe first is going to add a week or so. I’ll update the list as they come in.

  6. Are any of these online retailers located in Europe? Paying $7,50 for the Android and $30+ for shipping is ridiculous.

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