Meet the Androids: Series 02 Preview (pt1)

Just a little over a year after the debut of Android Mini Collecibles Series 01, we’re showing off some sneak previews of Series 02! Many thanks to the fans, collectors, shops and most of all Google for making the first series such a success.

Name: Hexcode
Artist: Andrew Bell
Ratio: 2/16

Name: Cupcake
Artist: Gary Ham
Ratio: 1/16

Name: Greeneon
Artist: Google, Inc
Ratio: 2/16

Each of these three have a little surprise of their own, but I’ll leave that up to you to find out when they arrive!

Series 02 will be hitting the dead zebra shop and dozens of stores both online and in meatspace in early March! More details and previews as we get closer to release!

While you wait, you should see what Android fan Carsten did with one of his figures!

25 thoughts on “Meet the Androids: Series 02 Preview (pt1)

  1. So has anyone translated the morse code so we know what this little animated android is saying?

  2. Will these be available in boxes of 16 or will people have to buy all boxes individually?

  3. Woooo! Thanks for the preview! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new crop of Androids! :) And that video of the customized one…. WOW! Someone hook me up with that! :)

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