Special editions coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to San Diego for this years Comic-Con! We blew through some Blue Fin Sashimi at Dumbrella, while the special edition Hero and Villain Android mini collectibles battled it out over at the DKE booth. We even won an award somewhere in there, it’s still a bit of a blur..

If you missed out on the comic-con madness, the special edition Androids will be available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting August 1st, and they’ll be hitting some of our Asian retailers shortly. A smaller quantity of Blue Fin Sashimi figures will also be available! Details and times to follow shortly after I recover from the convention and fly back to New York!

4 thoughts on “Special editions coming soon!

  1. I hope I can get a set of Heroes and Villains. When you say “shortly” with regards to Asian retailers, does that mean before or after 1 August?

  2. I’m so looking forward to seeing the special edition androids online. It’s great news for the people outside the US who couldn’t attend Comic-Con :-D

  3. This is great, can’t wait to be able to order a set next week…well, hopefully! lol

    Quick question: When I add a set to my cart, do I have a set amount of time to place the order? Like 2 minutes then the item gets released back into the wild? Or even though an item is in my cart, that particular item could get sold out even before I place my order? Of course I wouldn’t wait 2 hours before placing my order even though the items are in my cart…but was just wondering, anyways.


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