Special editions coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to San Diego for this years Comic-Con! We blew through some Blue Fin Sashimi at Dumbrella, while the special edition Hero and Villain Android mini collectibles battled it out over at the DKE booth. We even won an award somewhere in there, it’s still a bit of a blur..

If you missed out on the comic-con madness, the special edition Androids will be available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting August 1st, and they’ll be hitting some of our Asian retailers shortly. A smaller quantity of Blue Fin Sashimi figures will also be available! Details and times to follow shortly after I recover from the convention and fly back to New York!

Something fishy this way smells…

Once again the international comic-con in San Diego is almost upon us! You know what that means, a solid week of pain and suffering fun new stuff!

O-No Sashimi (based on the popular Never Look Back II print) makes its delicious vinyl debut at the show, complete with blue special edition. I know the show sold out very early this year, and a lot of people can’t make it, so we’ll be holding a number of these for online sales in the dead zebra shop!

We’ll also be serving up a few of the standard Green editions, these will be hitting toy and specialty shops worldwide shortly after the convention. The standard edition will retail for around $35 US and includes all delicious fish bits, two sets of eyes and a bowl in a supermarket fresh display tray!

The blue edition is limited to 250pcs and will retail for $40 US.

Here is O-No Sashimi compared in size to the original O-No Sushi!

A few more pics are up on Flickr! Nom nom nom..

Dead Zebra studio sale / moving auction

Cross-post from Creatures. There are some rare / prototype toys and sculpts including androids (even a set signed by Andy Rubin and Andrew Bell!)

 Dead Zebra, Inc Studio Sale!

You may have noticed a lack of updates lately, part of that is due to the fact that we’re moving! It’s been about 7 years since the last relocation, so  we’ve got quite a bit of stuff to go through. Everything from rare toy prototypes and  master sculpts, to random toys and items from our personal collection will be on the eBay block.  We’re  putting them up for sale to help clear out some clutter and more importantly to fund fun future projects.

But wait, that’s not all! Every package will also  include one piece of Random CrapTM from the  studio; it could be a sticker, a button, or a broken toy, and will  almost certainly be completely useless and unrelated to the item you  purchased… bonus !

Bidding runs for about a week, aiming to ship items out within a week of payment.

Happy bidding and thanks for the support!

Update: I do ship internationally, but eBay messed up the listings and I can’t add real-time international shipping quotes without ending every single listing. You can still bid and I will charge a separate shipping fee if you win. Sorry for the inconvenience.

O-No Freshness

We first previewed the painted master resin sculpt of O-No Sashimi in San Diego last summer at International Comic Con… then we got a little distracted by some Androids! Well, we’re back on track, and these guys are set to be swimming(?) over the ocean soon. Currently scheduled for a 2011 International Comic Con debut along with a special edition perhaps?

Can’t make it to San Diego this year? We’ll have some fresh green fish online and in shops as well!

O-No Sushi giveaway via NOTCOT

Our friends at NOTCOT have a pre-release Green edition O-No Sushi figure to give away as a holiday promotion! Head on over there to check out the details!


You will also be pleased to know that the new shipment is IN and that your favorite stores will once again have Red O-No Sushi figures starting this week! Green on the way in January!