Back To Back Black

If you’ve been following the teasers on instagram then you probably saw this coming. Out with the new, in with the old! We’re re-visiting some old favorites with special dark editions that we’ve been slowly collecting (and selfishly hoarding) for years! To celebrate we’re dividing up the runs and taking them on an east coast / west coast adventure, with a final stop online for everyone else!

Friday, October 10th at New York Comic Con – Myplasticheart Booth #113.
Things kick off in NY! I will be signing and doodling at the booth 2pm on Saturday.

Saturday, November 8th is our next stop at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA
I will be signing and doodling throughout the weekend.

Black Friday, November 28th, online at the Dead Zebra Shop
Finally (appropriately) on black Friday for those who can’t make it to either event, we’re bringing them to the web shop.

All of these pieces are signed and numbered. A very few per event will be available in a special matching bundle, but most will be sold individually.

O-No Sushi (in Squid Ink)
Edition of 90pcs – $35

Last Knight : Blackest Knight
Edition of 200pcs – $75

O-No Sashimi (Blackened)
Edition of 90pcs – $45

Can Of Worms : Nightcrawler
Edition of 90pcs – $55

Dealmaker : Black Gold
Edition of 50pcs – $35

Glop in a Box : Black Box
Edition of 30pcs – $120

Rare European Blue Bloods emerge!

Ahh, the exotic beauty of the Rare European Blue Blood Worms!

These rare worms are found primarily in the dark and damp wine cellars of southern France where they spend most of their days seeking out puddles of spilled Cabernet Sauvignon to feast on.

Emerging next week at the 2013 International Comic-Con in San Diego.. and MPH! Yes that’s right, we’re teaming up with our friends at Myplasticheart to make some cans available online at the same time! No more sitting it out or paying flipper prices just because you couldn’t make it to SDCC!

Limited to only 150 sets, $55/set
So, start digging at SDCC Dumbrella Booth #1335, or head to Myplasticheart starting Thursday, July 18th at 12 noon EDT.

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