Designer Toy Award 2012 Winner!

We were fortunate enough to take home our second Designer Toy Award this past Saturday night! The first one was for Android as Fan Favorite, and this year we snagged Best Licensed Product!

awesome award design by Pete Fowler, with little green friend..

I honestly wasn’t expecting that one, we were up there with Star Wars themed nominees! Being completely unprepared, and the first award of the night (again!), I didn’t have much of anything to say on stage other than a short awkward rambling thanks. I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write out a proper thank you here.

Obviously first and foremost thanks to my Android crew at Google (who I think I forgot to thank at the ceremony, oops) for continuing to be so supportive and generally awesome. Thanks to the Clutter Magazine / DTA crew for putting the ceremony and party on, it was a blast and I know they did a ton of work to get everything ready. Thanks to my peers on the board who voted for the category. Thanks to the artists who help keep things fresh. Finally and most importantly, thanks to the fans, collectors and customizers out there who continue to support the project and have taken it from “hey this could be neat..” to “…this is pretty amazing!”.


Good news everyone! Androids will be in shops!

I‘ve had a talk with the Gmen, and we are clear to open up Android minis to wholesale customers once again! What does this mean? More Androids, more places, making them easier to get in the future. You’ll be able to find future releases in toy, tech and specialty shops, both online and in meatspace!

While there will be a few editions that remain exclusive to the Dead Zebra shop and Google, Inc, you’ll be able to find Standard Androids, Do It Yourself Androids (a new and improved version) and Series 02 at shops across the world!

Series 02 is in the works and is due out Q1 2011 along with an easier to disassemble version of the Do It Yourself Androids! Look for some Standard Androids in a new standalone box (not marked series 01) at select shops this fall.

If you are a merchant and you have been in touch about wholesale distribution, we’ll add you to the list when reservation information goes out. If you have a shop and haven’t been in touch, you can e-mail our distributor DKE Toys with your business information at with the subject “Android Wholesale” to get on their offering list!