Sweet treats from the O-No Food Company!

We’ve got some fresh releases from the O-No Co Food Processing Plant (and Crematorium)!

We’re proud to announce two new products to satisfy your hunger for slightly deranged food-themed products.These will be arriving at retailers online and off in October and November respectively. We’ll be introducing some of the new characters over the next few weeks over on instagram, so make sure to follow!


First up is Kill Kat, a killer candy with split personality and a minor demonic possession problem.. I’m sure it’s just a phase.Sweet and psycho, this 6″ vinyl figure is based on an original resin sculpture from a few years back, and comes complete with a custom candy style wrapper.

1 in 10 of the Milk Chocolate edition include a Dark Chocolate chase with glow in the dark eyes! Break one off at the DZ shop and select retailers late October 2017 for $40.

We’ve also cooked up a brand new mini collectible keychain series – ‘Single Servings‘ – featuring all sorts of sad and sick foodstuff.  Pick up a Torn Terry the truncated tuna, Peeled Peter the partial potato, Putrid Patty pet food, Moldy Morgan the sickly sandwich, Spoiled Spencer the rotten egg and many more.

Someone took a taste of Bitten Barry and Shocked Shelly finds out life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Burnt Bernie spends little too long in the toaster oven and Moldy Morgan has been sitting in the back of that office fridge for a few weeks now..

Single Servings start shipping mid November for around $6.50 each. The series features 8 different sculpts and 20 total unique characters to collect! Cases contain 24 individual blind boxed keychains at approximately 1.5” each, including a metal clasp, 20mm keyring and a sticker!

Meet the Androids: Series 05 Preview (pt10)

The popular To-Fu Oyako character comes to Android with this nested Mother and Son combination from the Devilrobots team!

Keep them together, or pop the head off of Mother (carefully!) to remove a mini keychain Son. Dig in at a 1/16 ratio!

Series 05 release info update!


The new Androids are starting to arrive at toy and specialty retailers, including some of the shops listed here! Be sure to check in with your local retailer, or put in a request if they don’t carry them yet!

We’ll have our own stock up in the Dead Zebra Inc shop for $9 each blindbox or in discounted full cases starting tomorrow, February 5th at 11am EST [edit: previously wrote 11pm!]

Android Foundry Scarf Party!



It’s cold as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! These new knit acrylic scarves are super warm and cozy. We have a “Big Bot” green Android head design and a blue/black “Hangout” design, and while we were at it we made a few iconic Pixel Skull designs for our friend Rich over at Diesel Sweeties! All are two colors and double sided

These will also be available in the Dead Zebra Inc shop tomorrow for $20!

android_scarf-bigbot-3-800 thumbnail
android_scarf-hangout-5-800 thumbnail
dieselsweeties-scarf-1-800 thumbnail
android_scarf-bigbot-design thumbnail
android_scarf-hangout-design thumbnail
dieselsweeties_scarf-design-800 thumbnail

Meet the Androids: Series 03 Preview (pt7)

Clearly something is special about this Android.. Pop off his head and you have yourself a micro Android!

his little guy has a built-in keychain attachment and features an articulated head and arms, and legs that move enough to let him sit up unaided. 2 for 1, can’t go wrong! 1/16 ratio.

ontinuing the solid color tradition, series 03 ha us seeing a very specific shade of red! Are you sensing a color pattern yet? Hmmmm.. Red comes in a 2/16 ratio.

ondering about buying these guys? They’ll be available on the Dead Zebra shop (along with a few surprises) starting Monday 9/24 at 11am EDT for shipments starting on 9/26. 
Additionally they should start popping up in toy, collectible, comic and specialty Android retailer locations and websites within the next few days, including many on this list! Also available through many of our Asia retailers starting on the 24th.