Sweet treats from the O-No Food Company!

We’ve got some fresh releases from the O-No Co Food Processing Plant (and Crematorium)!

We’re proud to announce two new products to satisfy your hunger for slightly deranged food-themed products.These will be arriving at retailers online and off in October and November respectively. We’ll be introducing some of the new characters over the next few weeks over on instagram, so make sure to follow!


First up is Kill Kat, a killer candy with split personality and a minor demonic possession problem.. I’m sure it’s just a phase.Sweet and psycho, this 6″ vinyl figure is based on an original resin sculpture from a few years back, and comes complete with a custom candy style wrapper.

1 in 10 of the Milk Chocolate edition include a Dark Chocolate chase with glow in the dark eyes! Break one off at the DZ shop and select retailers late October 2017 for $40.

We’ve also cooked up a brand new mini collectible keychain series – ‘Single Servings‘ – featuring all sorts of sad and sick foodstuff.  Pick up a Torn Terry the truncated tuna, Peeled Peter the partial potato, Putrid Patty pet food, Moldy Morgan the sickly sandwich, Spoiled Spencer the rotten egg and many more.

Someone took a taste of Bitten Barry and Shocked Shelly finds out life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Burnt Bernie spends little too long in the toaster oven and Moldy Morgan has been sitting in the back of that office fridge for a few weeks now..

Single Servings start shipping mid November for around $6.50 each. The series features 8 different sculpts and 20 total unique characters to collect! Cases contain 24 individual blind boxed keychains at approximately 1.5” each, including a metal clasp, 20mm keyring and a sticker!

Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt7)

Today we’re switching to Apple! Maybe a golden delicious apple… or maybe just a delicious apple and some gold.


“Core Dump” by Andrew Bell always shows up when you least expect him to! Check your logs and take a byte (sorry) of this tasty Android, 1/16 ratio.

While you’re waiting for your program to restart, take some time to reflect on this beautiful Gold Android.
Chromed with a golden finish, now you can pretend you’ve just won the Annual Android Awards for Best Supporting Collector and Coder of the Year, 2/16 ratio.


See you soon…

Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt1)

…could it be? Is it finally happening? Yes! The fourth installment of our artist and designer series of Android mini collectibles is finally arriving soon! This year we’re happy to welcome artists Kong Andri, Sergio Mancini, Fakir and Shawnimals to the roster. They are joined by returning artists Andrew Bell, kaNO, Kronk and Scott Tolleson!

Within the next few weeks, Series 04 will start arriving in toy, comic, specialty and online retailers across the world. We’ll be previewing some of the new designs here on a regular basis, so check back!


“Astronomiton” by Andrew Bell kicks off the series and features as the inspiration for the packaging and promotion of the fourth series. This mechanical monster sports a midnight hue and metallic markings. 2/16 ratio.

Click above for a full turn-around view of Astronomiton!

Android Series 03 release!

Hooray! We’re finally taking orders in the official Dead Zebra Inc shop! Orders will start shipping later this week. They’re available now There will be more at around 11pm EDT and if we sell through those don’t panic because there will still be plenty of options from our retail partners!

Thanks to all the fans for the continued support (and patience!), I know you’re going to love this series! 

P.S. We also have two awesome new Android t-shirts available!

Android Mini Collectible Summer special editions!

Making their debut at the 2011 International Comic-Con in San Diego, this limited special edition set of Android mini figures designed by Andrew Bell is sure to please the summer movie and comic loving crowd. One design will be available per day  for 4 days starting on Wednesday July 20th at the booth of our distributor, DKE Toys (#4728)!

Got stuck in your man-sized sexy fox costume zipper and are bleeding on the hotel room floor unable to make it to the convention that day (or maybe you’re just not going to the con)? Fear not caped crusader, as we will be making a number of sets available online shortly after the con at the Dead Zebra Shop and via several of our partner shops in Asia. Specifics to follow later!

The Hidden Task

El Poderoso



We’ll be back with a bunch more photos and some profile information soon!