Android Mini Collectible Summer special editions!

Making their debut at the 2011 International Comic-Con in San Diego, this limited special edition set of Android mini figures designed by Andrew Bell is sure to please the summer movie and comic loving crowd. One design will be available per day  for 4 days starting on Wednesday July 20th at the booth of our distributor, DKE Toys (#4728)!

Got stuck in your man-sized sexy fox costume zipper and are bleeding on the hotel room floor unable to make it to the convention that day (or maybe you’re just not going to the con)? Fear not caped crusader, as we will be making a number of sets available online shortly after the con at the Dead Zebra Shop and via several of our partner shops in Asia. Specifics to follow later!

The Hidden Task

El Poderoso



We’ll be back with a bunch more photos and some profile information soon!

10 thoughts on “Android Mini Collectible Summer special editions!

  1. Aww crap here we go again….why am I so addicted to these things.
    I imagine the frenzy to get them online will be interesting, I have yet to win at getting one through the site :( Countless hours waiting!

    Hope I am more lucky this time

  2. How do I get to the Android Booth from It is just a series of Brand Images that I cannot search on :(

  3. Got a great idea on some for a coming up time,I have a few drawn pictures of them now,who can I get ahold of to give the idea to

  4. AGE! I want them all! I live in San Diego and I used to go every year to CC but its so popular now I can’t ever get a ticket bummer :-(

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