Meet the Androids: Series 04 Preview (pt7)

Today we’re switching to Apple! Maybe a golden delicious apple… or maybe just a delicious apple and some gold.


“Core Dump” by Andrew Bell always shows up when you least expect him to! Check your logs and take a byte (sorry) of this tasty Android, 1/16 ratio.

While you’re waiting for your program to restart, take some time to reflect on this beautiful Gold Android.
Chromed with a golden finish, now you can pretend you’ve just won the Annual Android Awards for Best Supporting Collector and Coder of the Year, 2/16 ratio.


See you soon…

Meet the Androids: Series 03 Preview (pt8)

You thought your teachers were tough? This one is mostly metal! Well, ok it’s still technically vinyl, but don’t tell the good Professor Skully McRivethead that. Artist Huck Gee brings his distinct touch to Android with this awesome design, 1/16 ratio.

Bonus! Click and drag on the image below to see a 360 view (requires javascript). Not working in your browser? Try this direct link.
Also for you Android Foundry fans, we tallied the votes and the new Bubble Bot rug is now available in the Dead Zebra shop!